Where will I buy a boat shell and how will I get it to Foxhangers?
We often buy our boat shells from Colecraft in Warwickshire who have been supplying narrowboat shells to the industry for 35 years, however we have experience with several other hull suppliers who may be more relevant to your specific requirements and boat design.  We will always provide the link between you and the hull supplier using our experience advise you at each step to ensure you have peace of mind and make the best decisions.  We can also help arrange transportation to Foxhangers (by road) and craning into the canal on your behalf.

How long does it take to fit a narrowboat shell?
This really depends on your bespoke requirements and our existing commitments.  We will give you a realistic time frame at the onset of the project.

I need help with designing my boat, can you advise me? We have an established and well respected boat building management team who will offer innovative and space saving suggestions to fit your budget.

Do I need to pay a deposit to secure a build slot? The Terms of Business are yes a £500 non refundable deposit will secure your built slot which then activate the standard BMF Boat Builders contract and payment schedule.

How much would it cost to fit a narrowboat shell? Again, this really depends on your bespoke requirements and our existing commitments.  We will give you a realistic time frame at the onset of the project.

Who will fit my boat and can I view progress?
The trusted Foxhangers team of skilled boat builders and craftsmen will welcome you enthusiastically to see the progress being made to your boat - and our 6 day working pattern means that we can always be flexible about when you visit.

Why Foxhangers?
Apart from reading Testimonials from other satisfied customers, we are members of the BMF (British Marine Federation) and Canal Boatbuilders Association.

What size shell should I pick?
Once you have decided what your budget and the purpose of your having a boat is, then we can help you make a decision about this at the time design is discussed.

What sort of engine is best?
Whilst always a very personal choice, we will listen to your requirements and advise you which make and model would do the best job.

How will I keep warm in the winter?
With the correct heating and insulation fitted, your narrowboat will keep you snug and cosy throughout the coldest of winters and with the most up to date energy saving products economy will be built into your heating system too.

How secure would my boat be?
Narrowboats are secure with additional security from specialist providers as you see fit.

Can I moor the boat at Foxhangers?
Foxhangers has a small marina of its own with several moorings which become available from time to time, alternatively our neighbours at the new 250 berth Caen Hill Marina will be probably have space for you.

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